Nestor Bravo vs. Will Madera on Blu-ray

Nestor Bravo vs. Will Madera

Nestor Bravo vs. Will Madera non-title Light Welterweight fight, held on August 18, 2023, at Caribe Royale Orlando, Orlando, Florida, USA.

Includes Antraveous Ingram vs. Orlenis Licea, Alexander Rios Vega vs. Javier Ailla, Lorenzo Medina vs. Antonio Torres, Julian Smith vs. Julio Rosa, Krystal Rosado-Ortiz vs. Tarrethia Dixon, Elijah Flores vs. Elijah Williams, and Damian Lescaille vs. Hugo Noriega.

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Blu-ray details:   Runtime: 4 hrs 16 mins, full DAZN broadcast, build up, ring walks, full fight, between rounds, and post fight interviews.

Quality details:   Please see an actual screen capture (opens in a new tab / window) of the fight for an example of picture quality. This is a genuine screen capture taken directly from the Blu-ray and has not been enhanced in any way.

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